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Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds
   Mr. Big Stuff
  Jean Knight
   Just be Glad
  Willy Wiley
   Your wife is my woman
   Working on your Casde
  The O'Jays
   Is it Wrong
  Magnetic Force
  Pickin Post
   You are
  Sam Green
  D and G
   Baby Don't wake me
  Del Davis
   So Amazing
  Cherry Givens
  Brainstorm Entertainment
   Whatcha Trying to do to me
  Eddie Lovette
   Don't mind waiting
  Clarence Johns Vamp // Passion
   Can't shake it loose
  Pat lewis
  Golden World
   Going through the motions
  Frankie Gearing
  Beale street
   There's more where that came from
  The Temptations
   Come to me
  Ruby Baker
   It's so good (to be home with you)
   It's too late
  Wilson Pickett
   Tell Me (Crying Over You)
  Spyder Turner
   Been so Long
  ZZ Hill
   Whole lotta Woman
  Kon Kord
   I can't see what you see in me
  The Joneses
   Let's make a deal
  Syreeta // GC Cameron
   Save the Children
  Bilalian Creation
  California Gold
   I call it Love
  The Pretenders
   Some one like you
  Nathan Bartell
   Where were you
  Willie Clayton
   Are you leaving me
  Lee Shot
  Chelsea Avenue
   Main string
  Oscar Perry // The Love Generators
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