Great Yarmouth Special
Soulful Allsorts
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   Penguin Breakdown
  LJ Reynolds // Chocolate Syrup
   Be Thankful
  The Intruders
   Nothing can take the place of you
  Brook Benton
   Me and my baby
   It's a shame
  Society Hill
   I still Love you
  Eddie Steele
   Just got started loving you
  Queen Emily
   What the doctor prescribed
  Lou Ragland // Hot Chocolate
   A day in the life of a fool
  Gwen Thames
  Pro 7
   Mr.Bo Jangles
  Joe Johnson // Olympia Serenaders
   Nobody like you
   Use me
  Queen Emily
   Man's Temptation
  Clarence Mann
   Does she (sleep on my side of the bed)
  Darlene Jackson
  Brown Dog
   It bes that way
  Curly Myrick
   Don't leave
  Tom Dooley
   To love somebody (that don't love you)
  JC Brooks // The Uptown Sound
   If I had loved you more
  CL Blast
   Hold on to your promise
  Queen Emily
   If you want me to keep on loving you
  Sonny Green
   I'm here to give it to you
  Loretha Vanover
  Chas Ann
   Are you sure you want to give me your love
  Johnny Angel
   Never let a day go by
  Tessie Hill
   One way street
   His love will always be
  Terry Lynn Community Choir
  the Gospel Truth
   In your heart you know I love you
  Joe Haywood
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