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southern nights
folk // rock // groove // stomp // alabama

the american south: idealized by the cutting sound of the cicada crying out on a summer night where the air hangs still like molasses and everything seems to move real slow. characterized by its red colouring on political maps. let’s re-brand and deflate stereotypes. this show will explore music from the southern states--from soul, the blues, classic rock, folk, etc. there's more to the south than country twangs. timeless music from the Delta. music with a new sound wave. and some liberal ideas set to classic southern rock. featured artists will include Alabama Shakes, Jason Isbell, Sun Ra, and Kyle Craft.

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   02:00 - 02:06
   Thu, 28/01/2021
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~ southern ~ d r e a m i n g
13/02/2020 // ~ southern ~ d r e a m i n g

new show ! hang loose with some funky chill tunes brought to you from the southern states

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