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southern nights
folk // rock // groove // stomp // alabama

the american south: idealized by the cutting sound of the cicada crying out on a summer night where the air hangs still like molasses and everything seems to move real slow. characterized by its red colouring on political maps. let’s re-brand and deflate stereotypes. this show will explore music from the southern states--from soul, the blues, classic rock, folk, etc. there's more to the south than country twangs. timeless music from the Delta. music with a new sound wave. and some liberal ideas set to classic southern rock. featured artists will include Alabama Shakes, Jason Isbell, Sun Ra, and Kyle Craft.

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   12:00 - 13:00
   Thu, 09/04/2020
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tunes for isolation
26/03/2020 // ~isolation~ t u n e s

the station may be closed but we are still doing remote broadcasts ! i'm very technologically challenged so this was a struggle to pre-record but here we are. so here are some tunes for your isolation and be sure to join the chatroom on the site to talk to other subcity lovers listening in ! cheers y'all

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