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Naming + Thanks
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   Give Thanks/Iron Gate Rock
  Leroy Brown
  Black & White
   I Think I'll Call It Morning
  Gil Scott-Heron
  Flying Dutchman
   This is My Name
  Sun City Girls
   My Name Is Carnival
  Jackson C Frank
   The Lamb (The Temple Church Choir)
  John Tavener
   The Cooler
  The Wrigglers
   Give Thanks and Praise
  Little John
  Jam Can
   Thank You Mama and Papa
  Barry Brown
  Vista Sounds
   Satta Massagana
  The Abyssians
   Thanks To José
  Etienne Schwarcz
   Thanks Al
   Give Thanks
  Shabaka & The Ancestors
   Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
  Sly and the Family Stone
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