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Subcity Spotlight

Subcity team and contributors shine a spotlight on particular artists that have influenced their lives or just made really good tracks.

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Andrew Weatherall
19/02/2020 // Andrew Weatherall

A look at the legacy of Andrew Weatherall, a genius DJ and master producer. Wether it was shoegaze, indie dance and rock, techno, acid house or dub, his music has had a serious influence over the last few decades.

His associated acts such as Two Lone Swordsmen, The Sabres of Paradise and The Asphodells have left us with a rich array of tunes to be respected.

His regular residency 'A Love From Outer Space' in the Berkeley Suite was a legendary addition to the Glasgow nightlife. A gracious throwback to the evolving dance scene in the UK since the 90s, where old school ravers and young enthusiasts came and partied together.

This is an appreciation of his remarkable producing, forgive my mixing which can't do his any justice. He will be sorely missed. RIP

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