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Remembering Nigel Ross of Chust Sublime
04/05/2021 // Remembering Nigel Ross of Chust Sublime


Today we remember the inimitable Nigel Ross, who presented the show Chust Sublime, here on Subcity Radio from 2015 to 2019. Throughout the day we will hear some words from some of Nigel's friends and family and listen back to some selected highlights from the Chust Sublime catalogue. Feel free to explore the archive yourself over at the Chust Sublime show page.

Message from Nigel's family:

We are very, very grateful to the many friends who have shared their thoughts, love, experiences, stories and support throughout the past few weeks and to Subcity Radio for organising this wonderful day of tribute to Nigel. Hearing from the many loved ones that Nigel has connected with and shared so much with has made a very hard period a little less hard.

Nigel Edward Charles Ross passed away peacefully in his sleep on the morning of March 7th 2021 surrounded by his family. Nigel was many, many things - a loving husband, a proud father, a uniquely talented DJ, a Dylanologist and Deadhead like no other; king hippy on life’s long strange trip. He was a restless visionary and energetic force on radio. He was a fierce friend, an uncle, a mentor, a provocateur and a conduit.

Nigel had a true, deep, and inspired connection and passion for music and expression, and really ultimately for connecting with and moving people, with music and friendship (and storytelling) as his tools. He shared this openly and continually with all of his friends and family and through his 90 radio shows as the voice behind Chust Sublime - and it’s so apparent as we prepare to celebrate him through this tribute that he connected to so many different people out there in so many different ways. It really is a truly beautiful thing to see, and we keep wishing that Nigel could see it - and then we remember that he did see it, and lived it. We send out our love and friendship always to him wherever he is.

RIP Nigel.

Introduction to the audio tribute by Nigel’s wife Mary:
Mary has recorded her own audio tribute for Nigel. Unlike the other audio tributes, she is not suggesting a specific show to be rebroadcast on the day as she feels she can’t pick one, “Nigel played her his own playlist every night they were together�

As Mary tells it, “Nigel did not want to risk anyone’s safety by attending a funeral during the pandemic and so he opted for a direct cremation. There was, however, some music that had hoped to play at his memorial and so I have included these tracks in my audio tribute�

You can find each of the track names in the tracklist on the right-side of this page as well as the running order and times of all the shows and tributes that we will hear today

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