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TOPH Takeover Part 11
12/09/2020 // TOPH Takeover Part 11

TOPH used to be a building by the name of The Old Police House (now vacant and land banked after a Gateshead Council sell-off) which acted as a phlegmatic node in the North East underground. One of the hallmarks of TOPH was the blending of the weirder ends of dance floor music with the weirder ends of weird music, with long nights slowly slipping into madness, often ending with sunrise DJ sets of obscure gospel and soul 45s courtesy of resident collector scumbag Mark (Kenosist). Following the turfing out, the frozen and brittle core of TOPH carried on through a further series of venues, until quarantine has finally confined them to their respective homes.

TOPH originator MARIAM REZAEI and resident KENOSIST, will be bringing the pain to Subcity Radio with 4 hours of barely explicable sonics.

Don't forget to catch parts 1- 9 of the TOPH takeovers if you missed them!

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