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Suck My Left One
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   Move Me
  Gudrun Gut
  Monika Enterprise
   Attention Cherie
  April March
  Out Here
   Paris is burning
  Ladyhawke // Peaches
   Girl You Look Expensive
  Jenna Riot
  Crunks Not Dead
   Keep it up
  Yeah Yeah
   Bird Flu
   Kiss Kiss Kiss
  Yoko Ono // Peaches
   Kryptonite Pussy
  Yo Majesty
  No Bra
   Chant of the ever circling skeletal family
  David Bowie
   Prison Life
  Tigerbeat 6
   Polar Love
  Chicks On Speed // Kreidler
   We Are The New Keith Cole
  Kids On TV
  Chicks On Speed
   Other Animals Are #1
  Erase Errata
   Confession (Nervous Gender)
  Soft Pink Truth
  Tigerbeat 6
   I Have a Headache This Big
  Stars As Eyes
  Tigerbeat 6
   Mathematiques Modernes
  Disco Rough
   No Pony
  Angie Reed
  Chicks On Speed
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