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what's the matter now?
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   When Company Comes
  The Feelies
  Bar None
   Make The World Go Away
  Elvis Presley
   Most Things Haven't Worked Out
  Junior Kimbrough
  Fat Possum
   Don't Let Me Down
  W.25TH / Superior Viaduct
   The Unquiet Grave
  Hedy West
   Look Down That Lonesome Road
  Gaither Carlton
  Smithsonian Folkways
   The Rubber Room
  Porter Wagoner
   The House Of The Rising Sun
  Carolyn Hester
   Son of the Sun
  Willie Dunn
  Light In The attic
   I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister
  Barbara Dane
  Smithsonian Folkways/Paredon
   Wolves Don't Live By The Rules
  Willie Thrasher
  Light In The attic
   The Ledge
  Fleetwood Mac
  Warner Bros.
   Andru's Easy Rider
  Michael Chapman
   You're Dead
  Norma Tanega
   Be What You Want To Be
  Koko Taylor
   What's the Matter Now?
  Mississippi Fred McDowell
   Fish and Whistle
  John Prine
   Baby, Please Don't Go
  Sabine McCalla
  White Label
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