Tarantism 8 - Scandinavia
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   Casualities (Morgan Geist Remix)
  Phonique // Erlend Oye
   A Higher Place
   High School Poem
  The Knife
   I Feel Space
   Small Fries
  Djuma Soundsystem
  Get Physcial
   Moan (Radioslave's Remix for K)
  Trentemøller // Ana Troll
  Poker Flat
   1983 (Pelle & Sebastian)
  Pelle Carlberg
   Poor Leno (Silicone Soul Remix)
  Studio !K7
A Cappella: Erlend Øye -There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (From DJ Kicks: Erlend Øye)
   Flavour of the Season
  Peter Bjorn and John
  Star Time International
   Colouring of Pigeons
  The Knife // Mt. Sims // Planningtorock
  White Label
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