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Flowers in the Sky 003
The Grass is Green in the Fields for You
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   The Ball of Purple Thread
  The 3Ds
  Flying Nun
   (Bits of) Wood
  The Particles
  Guthugga Pipeline
   I Understand
  The Victims
   A Letter to Myself
   Hey London
   Super Electric
  Too Pure
   (At Least) I Remember
  Pious Faults
  Feel It
   The Ballad of Personal Growth
  BB and the Blips
  Thrilling Living
   Sense of Urgency
  Counter Intuits
  Pyramid Scheme
   No Personal Space
  Sauna Youth
  Upset The Rhythm
   Streets & Houses
  The Dentists
  Independent Project
   Pinwheels & Circles
  The Skygreen Leopards
  Soft Abuse
   Short Sighted
  The Cat's Miaow
   Lost and Found
  The Castaway Stones
   Our Way to Fall (live)
  Yo La Tengo
  Veronica Lake
  Cher Doll
   Arm Around You
  Arthur Russell
  Rough Trade
   Crimson and Clover
  Tommy James and the Shondells
   POEM: Lure, 1973
  Denise Riley
  BOOK: Modern Poets 6 (Penguin)
   POEM: Flesh (excerpt)
  Gloria Dawson
  BOOK: circlusion (self-published)
   Lover of Love
  Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn
  Last Call
   Lover Lover Lover
  Leonard Cohen
   Can't Help Falling in Love with You
  Dead Moon
   I Second That Emotion
  Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
   Bend Me, Shape Me
  The American Breed
   Frantic Romantic
  The Scientists
  D. N. A.
   November Mist
  Flying Saucer Attack
   Sarah Missing
  Words on Music
   What I'm Here For
  Trance Syndicate
  City Slang
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