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Flowers in the Sky 004
The Grass is Green in the Fields for You
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   Goodbye Joe
  Tracey Thorne
  Cherry Red
   Third Floor Fire Escape View
  The Cat's Miaow
   Snail's Lament
   Angel I'll Walk You Home
   The Way
  Blank Statements
  Tough Love
   Somehow Angels
  All Girl Summer Fun Band
   Winter Galaxy
  Maxine Funke
   No Hand Was at the Wheel
  Jason Molina
   Montana Telephone
  Village of Spaces
   My Cannon Memory
  Rough Trade
   What's The Frequency Kenneth?
  Warner Bros.
   Chicken Bird Run
  The Bats
  Flying Nun
  The Builders
   Revolution Thing
  Jenny Mae
   Be Small Again
  The Corn Dollies
   Annihilate Now!
   Pilsner Trail
  The Fall
  Rough Trade
   Ocean Rain (Life at Brian's Version)
  Echo and The Bunnymen
   ...And Carrot Rope
   Warts and All
   Charms Around Your Wrist
  The Softies
   My Tears Are So Wasted (So Am I)
  The Younger Lovers
  Joy Division
  Thistle Group
  Soft Abuse
   Cat's Feet Towel
  Beige Palace
  Cave of Roses
   Abstract Forms
   Lo Boob Oscillator
  Sub Pop
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