The Action Station
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   Gonna Fly Now
  Bill Conti
   Personal Jesus
  Johnny Cash
  Lost Highway
   Private Dancer
  Tina Turner
   Ulysses (Max Tundra remix)
  Franz Ferdinand
   C'est la vie
  Jerry Lee Lewis
   Nothing Lasts Forever
  Echo & The Bunnymen
   Rockin' in the free world
  Neil Young
   Over the Rainbow
  Judy Garland
   Tinseltown in the Rain
  The Blue Nile
   Little Bitch
  The Specials
  Two Tone
   Eye of the tiger
  Scotti Brothers
The Action Station is back! Having not been on air for 4 months this show starts a bit wonky, including some dreaded dead air, before shoring up near the end...
   Surf's Up
  Beach Boys
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