Theez Boyz FM Broadcast 1
Theez Boyz R Athletes
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   Midas Touch
  Midnight Star
  Glass Candy
  Italians Do It Better
   Last Night A DJ Saved My Wife (Mirage Remix)
  Dance Classics
  Pointer Sisters
   Lost In Music
  Sister Sledge
   Veronica's Veil
  Fan Death
  Phantasy Sound
   Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher Remix)
   Akin To Dancing
   Starknight (instrumental)
  Bob Salton
  Baby's Gang
   Happy Station
  Fun Fun
   Feel The Drive
  Doctor's Cat
   Guilty Pleasure
  Manda Rin
  This is Fake DIY
   Vodska Dance
   Disco Lunar Module
  Alden Tyrell
   Cosmic Cars
   Driving In My Turbo Mini (Remix)
   Stakker Humanoid (Feadz Remix)
  Jumpin & Pumpin
   Quicksand (Autokratz Drags To Riches Mix)
  La Roux
   Rave Is King
  Fukkk Offf
  Coco Machete
   Wet (Fukkk Offf Remix)
  Freakz Me Out
  Fake Blood
   Face Blast
  Duran Duran Duran
  Planet Mu
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.