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The Funky Cuts
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   You Can Have him
  The Cake
  Duchess Of Earl
   Two Lovers
  Louise Cordet
   What's Easy For Two Is Hard For One
  Connie Haines
   Make the Night a Little Longer
  Ramona King
  Warner Bros.
   Wishin' & Hopin'
  Dusty Springfield
   Sugar Shack Queen
  Georgie Lynn
   I'll be There
  Damito Jo
   I'm a Happy Girl
  The Sherrys
   Just to Hold my Hand
  Dee Dee Sharp
   A girl in Love Forgives
  Bernadette Castro
   La Nuit N'en Finit plus
  Petula Clark
   You Talk too Much
  The Essex
   What about You
  Charlotte O'Hara
   Take Me for a little While
  Evie Sands
  Blue Cat
   I'm so glad it's Twilight Time
  The Velvelettes
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