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The Funky Cuts
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  The Otis and Carla Band
   I need you woman
  William Bell // Carla Thomas
   Under the Boardwalk
  Sam and Dave
  United Artists
   That's what I wanna do
  Shirley // Lee
  United Artists
   Let the Good times Roll & Feel so Good
  Bunny Sigler
  United Artists
   Salsoul Hustle
  Salsoul Orchestra
   Message from a Blackman
  The Spinners
   Get me back on time Engine 9
  National Soul review
   Fish in the sea
   What I gotta Do?
  The Nine ton peanut Smugglers
  Strong Rabbit
   Shack Up
   There Ain't no More (G S T K D TS)
  Vera Hamilton
   Better get a Move on
  Louise McCord
   Here I am baby
  The Marvelettes
   Love's creeping up on me
  Pat lewis
  Sonic Wax
   Must i Holler
  Jamo thomas
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