Some well kent records and some littl know too.
The Funky Cuts
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   El Cayuco
  El Chicano
   96 tears
  Big Maybelle
  Lilly Fields
   It's My Thing
  Betty Moorer
  Soul 7
   Whatcha Gonna Do
  Phillip // The Faithfuls
   If You wanna be my man
  Link Quartet // Gizelle Smith
  Record Kicks
   It's a shame
  The Soul Investigators
   A man is a mean Thing
  Barbara Perry
   Hep Hep Hooray
  Eddie Bo
   I need a man
  Gloria Irving
   Morning After
  The Mar-Keys
   Waiting on you
  B.B. King
   You've been gone too long
  Frank Popp Ensemble
   if this ain't Love (Don't know what is)
  Nicole Willis // The Soul Investigators
   The Two Of Us
  Danny Cobus
   Is it Love baby
  The Tandels
   2120 South Michigan Avenue
  The Rolling Stones
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