Ol' warbling blues
The Other Side
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   Oh Honey
  The Audreys
  Warner Bros.
   Baby You've Changed
  Mexico City
   Ruby Ruby
  Chris Pickering
You get half of this excellent song by Mr Pickering before the track inexplicably decided it didn't want to be heard.
   Hidden Hands
  Jen Cloher // The Endless Sea
   Let It Roll
  Andrew Morris
   Can't Steal My Love
  The Wilson Pickers
   My River Wide
  Downhill's Home
   Babysitters (of the world unite)
  Dan Kelly // The Alpha Males
   10 Paces Away
  The Gin Club
  Plus One
   Patience Back
  Laughing Outlaw
   I Feel
  The Cruel Sea
  Red Eye
At this point a decided technical error occurs taking a few minutes to rectify, at which point an unknown 2:54sec track was played for your amusement.
   Cane Farmers Song
  Texas Tea
  Plus One
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