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The Vile Arts Radio Hour
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   Los Suenos
  Astor Piazzolla
  Deutsche Grammophon
Chatting to Nicholas Bone about Sex & God and other things
   I Have Forgiven Jesus
   It's A Man's Man'sMan's World
  James Brown
New Feature: Eric's Cafe
   Father and Son
  Cat Stevens
Eric talks gender with Peter McMaster
   Wuthering Heights
  Kate Bush
   Candy Says...
  Kathryn Williams
The Scottish Mental Health Film and Art Festival
   Dead Against Smoking
  Admiral Fallow
More of Scottish Mental Health Film and Art Festival
   Vampire Smile
  Kyla La Grange
   Woke Up Dead
  Kyla La Grange
Jer Reid on improvising and promoting
   Lie Here
  Horse Looom
  Low Point
  Sycamore and Friends
On playing at the Flying Duck
  Piemonte // Valle D'Aosta
   K.A.O.S. (Greeks in Effect Part II)
  True Mathematics
Jer on DJing at the Flying Duck
   Being It
  Arthur Russell
   Get Out Ma Headspace
  Stanley Odd
  EXCLUSIVE - unreleased
But wait! A Bonus addition to the show...
  Azaelia Banks
Lou Prendergast chats here.. http://vilearts.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/where-is-harry.html
   Tony's Theme
  The Pixies
Random Accomplice talk superhero...
  Jane's Addiction
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