Dance:Film, Improvised and Organic
The Vile Arts Radio Hour
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   Musst Musst
  Kiran Ahkuwalia
  Organs of Love
00:09:00 // The Organs of Love talk about their upcoming headlining date at the Optimo birthday party
+ Meryl talks about Glasgow's speakeasy, The Berkeley Suite
   Someone's Dead
  Organs of Love
   I am the Fly
00:30:40 // Josh from Cryptic talks about the Little Match Girl Passion
   Little Match Girl Passion
  David Laing
  Harmonia Mundi
00:41:50 // Interview with Gordon Quinn, director of A Good Man
   Mama Roux
  Dr John
01:00:20 // STaG
   Les Triplettes de Bellevile
  Ben Charest
  Higher Octave
  The Young Gods
   Casi Uno
  Anoushka Shanka
  Deutsche Grammophon
   Distributed Talk
  The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra
  Creative Sources
01:33:10 // Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra
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