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Chapter 07 - Deep Roots
The Workshop
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   Chant Rasta
  Wareika Hill Sounds
  Honest Jon’s
   Family Doctoring
  African headharge
   Jah No Dead
  Burning Spear
  Third World
   Fever Grass Dub
  lee perry
  Clock Tower
   One In The Spirit
  Sister Erica
   Emperors Dub
  Talent Crew
   Love For Everyone
  Johnny Clarke
  Weed Beat
   African Version
  Johnny Clarke
  Striker Lee
   Request Granted King Tubby Style
  Glen Brown
  South East Music
   Eternal Day
  Sylford Walker
  South East Music
   Jah Foundation Version
  Anthony Chambers
   Marcus Garvey
  Burning Spear
   Penetrate Dub
  Mighty Artons
  Hot Stuff
   Rebel Am I Version
  The Wailers
   Jah Jah Ah Come
  Everton Dacres
   Dub Down Mountains
  Digikiller/Channel One
   Jah Jah Send The Parson
  Black Oney
  Record Smith
   Prepare Jah Man
  Don Jah Carlos
   Take Us Home
  Danny Tucker
  Twigzee Dee Sounds
   Blood Money
  Pablo Moses
   Blacker Black
  Well Pleased And Satisfied
  King Town
  The Mighty Abidjans
  Swing Bird
  Mystic Eyes
  Dub Irator
   Mystic Version
  The Wailers
   Melody For Negus
  Jah Lion
   Give Jah Glory
  Cedric 'Im' Brooks
  Soul Jazz
   Angie La La
  Nora Dean
  Treasure Isle
   Guns in The Ghetto part 1
  Hot Shot
   Woman in the Ghetto
  Phyllis Dillon
  Soul Jazz
   Dancing In the Moonlight
  B.B Seaton
  Studio One
   Jennifer Lara
  Im In Love
  Studio One
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