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Hillhead Babylon
They're Only Records Paul
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   Station 2: Beautiful Babylon
  A.R. & Machines
   The Brain Of Oskar Panizza
  Michael Bundt
  Indoor life
   Zeit Und Raum
  Schaltkreis Wasserman
   Put Your Pants On
  Jackson Jones
  Clone Classics
   Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
  Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band
   Sweet Mountain
  American Spring
  United Artists
   Giggy Smile
  The Residents
   The Lost Motherland (Part 2)
  The Apryl Fool
   Fruit And Icebergs
  Randy Holden
   I Saw A Killin'
   Water Break It's Neck
  Muscles of Joy
  Watts of Goodwill
   Venice Lockjaw
  Cem Karacar // Kardaslar
   Do The Residue
  Kontakt Mikrofoon Orkest
   Plaster Plaster
  Rats on Rafts
   Too Sexy In A Bad Way
  The Male Nurse
  BBC Maida Vale Session
   Don't Hang Around
  Amber Soundroom
   Des Arbes De Fer
  Guy Skorknik
  Born Bad
   Monk Chant
  The Monks
  Light In The attic
  The Sensation
   Yu Gung
  Pussy Galore
  Product Inc.
   Primitive Man
   Pieces Of Me
  Linda Hoyle
  Pieces Of Me
  Los Saicos
  Electro Harmonix
   Turkey Neck Stretch
  Gradie O' Neil
  Dutch Oven
   Stoned Out Of My Mind
  Speed, Glue and Shinki
  Made In Japan
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.