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There Is No There There Ep. 25
There Is No There There
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   Näkinkenkä (Shell)
   Isles of Sleep
  Bill Fay Group
   Alguse Tolm
  Vera Dvale // Psykovarius
  Sex Tags Amfibia
   Her Master's Voice
  Deux Filles
  Papier Mache
  Deux Filles
  Papier Mache
   Ghost House
  Beverly Glenn-Copeland
   Breathing Gold
   O Wind (Body is the Scar of the Mind)
  Yoko Ono
   From Within
  Cecil McBee
   Gradual Requiem, Part 2
  Ingram Marshall
  New Albion
   School of Fish
  Dream Fish
   Friendly Cortex
  Rather Interesting
   You Have to Have Eyes
  Felicia Atkinson
  Shelter Press
   Gravity Assist
   Alternative Theme from The Gay Man's Guide to ...
  Musique Pour La Danse
   Paco's Ode
  Wino Wagon
  Wah Wah Wino
   Emotive Motion
  Mat Carter
  The Monsters from ID
   A Day In The Country
  Severed Heads
   Canto del Pilon
  Frank Harris // Maria Marquez
   Chilean Drought
  David Rosenboom
   The Paranormal in 4 Form
  4 Hero
   Over Low Trees
  Young Scientist
  Young Scientist
   Put Your Love In Me
  Lucky Dog
  Vera Dvale // Psykovarius
  Sex Tags Amfibia
   Dåliga Nyheter
  Förlag För Fri Musik
   Another Boy Drowning
  Matt Johnson
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