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Truth Of One
hiphop // jazz // noise // spokenword // minimalisttechno

On transmission of sound, transgression of sound, digression of sound. On recorded history. On our skins, to the bone. On memory and time, yearning. Infinite in all directions. On journeys' journals, On people’s maps. On migration, culture's cardio circulation, destination, destitution. On people’s story. Different sides of the story. Different parts of town. On breath, choirs, basslines, hammers, machines, heartbeats, breakbeats. On bouncing and breaking. Through. On energy, anger is an energy. On the axe in the frozen lake of your soul. On dedication to chaos. On assertion through negation. On noise, dissonance, challenge, inventiveness, electricity. On witness, protest, resistance, alienation, dissent. The minority of one. Do it yourself. On darkness as the unknown. On the unconscious as a treasure trove. On the space, the ambient of opposites, descending, transcending, diminuendo in blue. On playing in face of defeat.

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   10:00 - 12:00
   Sat, 03/10/2020
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19/09/2020 // Unheimlich

"In Heidegger's view, Unheimlich is the fundamental groundlessness of our existence, this profoundly felt sense of not-being-at-home, wherever one would be.

It is that strange sensation, a discomfort regarding the very fact that things make sense and that this meaningful space is fragile and can break down easily."

Katherine Withy [paraphrased] in "Heidegger On Being Uncanny"

And yet (this is me): it is also a threshold that lets you know that something else could be possible (giving you, amongst other things including the opposite, choice to stay rather than feeling trapped), that everything could be always in negotiation, other combinations, or other realities we don't have yet the words to contain with.

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