We Don't Like U2
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   Main Titles and Fanfare
  Elliot Goldenthal
  Atlantic / Wea
  Armadillo Music
   She'll Have Her Revenge
  Chuck Cirino
   The War of the Girls, Without Faith or Law
  Masamichi Amato
   Main Titles from the Big Bus
  David Shire
  Silver Age
   Cemetary Scene
  David Shire
  Silver Age
   White Knuckles
  OK Go
  Capitol EMI
   Perry Mason Theme
  Blues Brothers Band
   Sledge Hammer! Theme
  Danny Elfman
  White Label
   Sealab 2021 Theme
  White Label
  J.G. Thirwell
  Williams Street
   Flagpole Sitta
  Harvey Danger
  Spectrum Audio
   Tubular Bells
  Mike Oldfield
   Phantasm Theme
  Fred Myrow // Malcolm Seagrave
  White Label
   Eighteen With a Bullet
  Pete Wingfield
   Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
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