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#017 - Crucial Roots
Walk n Skank
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Walk n Skank intro
   All I have is love
  Johnny Osbourne
  Studio One
   Deliver me from my enemies
  Yabby You
  Vivian Jackson
   Money & woman
  Don Carlos
   If you love rub a dub, say forward
  Johnny Osbourne
Crucial Roots stepping in
   Keep on knocking
  Jacob Miller
   Faith can move mountain
  Twinkle Brothers
   Wise man
  Winston Jarrett
   Rice & peas
  Roman Stewart
  Hungry Town
   Step it out
  The Palm Trees
   War in the city
  Bob Andy
  Jam Rock
   Here I come again
  Dennis Brown
   Play fool fe get wise
  Johnny Clarke
  Mystic Eyes
  Dub Iration
   Tribute to Bob Marley
  Prince Far I
   Got a light
  Vivian Jones
  Jah Shaka music
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