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Well Bless
reggae // roots // dub // soundsystem // conscious

Well Bless hopes to provide upliftment through sharing of heartful conscious roots music from Scotland, the UK, Jamaica and beyond. Our crew of experienced selectors (Tenement Sounds, Crucial Roots, Decades of Dub, 5Man Army and more) will share and discuss their own ever growing collections with features on some of the musics essential and obscure artists, styles, historical events and labels and also music from some of the phenominal roots and dub artists we have here in Scotland. Tune in to hear some exclusive cuts, rarities, and classics as well as details and reviews on events across the country. We vow to provide unifying music, promoting respect and love, and to stay far from hatred, racism and prejudice. We also encourage listeners to send suggestions for tracks, spotlights and features. One love inna ital dubwise style. Well bless.

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   19:00 - 21:00
   Wed, 11/11/2020
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#86 - Jamaica to UK (90s - Early 00s)
28/10/2020 // #86 - Jamaica to UK (90s - Early 00s)

Although 'stepper'as a rhythm beat has existed in reggae since the 70s, it is now synonymous with a distinct 4/4 beat pattern and predominantly 'electronic' compositions. It is also widely associated with the UK and European reggae scene. This rebirth of the 'stepper' sound during the 90s and early 00s was partly as a reaction to the rise of dancehall and slackness in the 80s To some extent, the 90s and early 00s were a golden age for digital roots and steppers-influenced tunes in both Jamaica and the UK. In Jamaica, labels which were known for dancehall started releasing more stepper-influenced sounds, which kept the more upbeat tempo of dancehall and used similar 'electronic' drum beats, but which using the 'four to the floor' rhythm and conscious lyrics. Meanwhile in the UK, roots sound systems that did not want to jump on the dancehall and jungle bandwagon and keep the music 'conscious' similarly incorporated some of the new electronic sounds but used the militant 4/4 rhythm and meditative baselines to develop the sound which came to be widely known as UK Dub.

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