The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour
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   Old Tom
  Lol Coxhill
   The Beast
   Ye Mariners All (Ship Canal ACAB edit)
  Martin Carthy
   Crypts Of Sonambulance (excerpt)
  Aurora Borealis
   Snuff Rider MC (Ship Canal Kill List edit)
  Head Of David
  Blast First
   One Time Thing
  Michael Chapman
   Scarecrow (Ship Canal Return To Oz edit)
  The Watersons
   Sticky Willie (Ship Canal Hung Like Bull edit)
  Phil Minton // John Butcher
   The Hidden Door
  Belbury Poly
  Ghost Box
   Terror Danger
  Punch Drunk
   August Falls
  Ashtray Navigations
  Memoirs Of An Aesthete
   Tortured And Abused
   All I Want For Xmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit
  Half Man Half Biscuit
  Probe Plus
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.