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Subcity stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine

As a freeform and independent radio station, we are obligated to lend our platform to the voices that need it most. We are dismayed by the UK government's response, and the narratives we see dominating state and corporate media, that show overwhelming bias against a people being subjected to settler occupation and brutal war crimes. Furthermore, our affiliation with the University of Glasgow compels us to draw attention to how the UofG profits from the conflict, and how grassroots student movements are hoping to disrupt this.

If you are a student the the University of Glasgow, you may find it useful to familiarise yourself with the Uni’s involvement with the conflict. This article from student newspaper The Glasgow Guardian describes how UofG invests in and profits from the arms trade


We have made a contribution to Medical Aid Palestine, and we encourage our listeners with the means to do the same.

Ways to Take Action

Write to your MP

We encourage you to write to your MP to urge them to recognise the genocide taking place. This is an amnesty International blog post explaining what writing to your MP can achieve

This is a resource to help you work out which politicians represent you in the UK so that you can write to them.

Fellow community station EHFM have shared a template for writing to your MP,

as have the amos trust,

and Medical Aid for Palestinians


Protests calling for a ceasefire continue to take place in Glasgow, and we strongly encourage you to attend.

Boycott, Divest and Sanction

BDS is a movement intended to withdraw financial support from the occupation of Palestine. Many popular brands support the apartheid regime and the BDS movement provides information on which products to boycott