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Bright Lights, Subcity

Brightlights Poster

Bright Lights, Subcity was a club night held on the 12th of September, 2012.

The event was held at Chambre 69 (which closed January 2013). The event ran from 10pm to 3am. The line up saw The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart, Baby Diego (Mortar & Pestle), Digital Dust, Earthly Matters, Hector's House, Metropolis Sound, New Life and RPZ playing Garage, House and Techno with an emphasis on getting people dancing. This was a Freshers event and the first event with the new (and current) Subcity logo.

Event Description

'Starring Michael J Fox as you, Andrew McCarthy as Grant Management and John Candy as the man who misses the urinal and pisses on your shoes.

Every small town kid dreams of moving to the big city, a glittering world of perms, glamour and chinese buffet restaurants open until 4 am. Well, now the time has come to leave those little league suburbs behind. It's time to tell your parents ‘thanks, but your consistent love and support is, frankly, stifling’ (that’ll show them!). Time to pack yourself off to the metropolis!

These first few weeks are tough. Around every corner lurks a threat, be it a vice touting, leather jacket wearing maverick in wraparound Ray Bans, or a geography student wanting to know what you took at Higher. Stay alert; this city’s a dangerous place. If you’re not careful, you could end up becoming embroiled in its sleazy underworld, a blur of neon lights, bad dancing and hedonism. But, if you’re too careful, then you might not be.

We’re having a party to corrupt your minds before Jack Bauer can.'

Club Production

The event was a welcome for all new students into the nightlife of Glasgow. The club production was focused on the bright lights of the big city with lasers, neon lights and projected coloured visuals.

Bright Lights, Subcity 1

Bright Lights, Subcity 2

You can see all the photos from the event here.

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