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Subcity Radio 15th Birthday

15th birthday party promo

15th birthday party promo 2


Dema (LuckyMe/RKGB), R-P-Z, Symbiosis, Argonaut Sounds, Shaun fae Solar, NASA vs The Beat Route, Slave To The Rhythm, Music Always Comes First (live), Party Party, Thirty Two, Theez Boyz R Athletes, Charmicarmicat, Visual AIDS, Sweets (Thunder Disco), Spacewood

On Saturday 6th March, Subcity Radio will be celebrating 15 years of passionately geeky lowbudget broadcasting with an all-out, balls-to-the-wall birthday bash at The Arches, featuring some of the best Subcity talent, past and present.

Raising the stakes from their recent infamous parties at 150 capacity Research Club and other small sweatbox venues across the city, the team are returning to The Arches for the first time in 4 years. With 15 acts across 2 stages, it’s the biggest party they’ve thrown in years. Returning to the Subcity decks for the first time since 2001 to headline is Freakmenoover and LuckyMe baller, Dema. He held down a show for 5 years at the station before moving on to continually bigger and brighter things. Other aural highlights include sets from R-P-Z, Shaun fae Solar and young upstarts Thirty Two.

Visually the night also has high aspirations. The station’s tech team are piling every light The Arches own into one arch for a spectacular show whilst the eyes in the other arch will be curated by Visual AIDS, Sweets and Spacewood who will be making up for the lack of remaining lights by using every projector and TV they can find.

Rest assured... this certainly isn't going to be a Hallmark moment.


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