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The Archives team at Subcity radio dig through our long and beguiling history to present you with the highlights from the last 28 years. Subcity’s beginnings are shrouded in mystery, with few people being certain of the details of the station’s earliest days. However, thanks to the diligence of team members past and present, here is what we do know.

The first time Subcity hit the airwaves was from an unlet flat in Murano student housing under the name ‘Sweet Fm’. After legal troubles, the station changed its name to ‘SubCity,’ with the inaugural broadcast being in October of 1995, again from an unused university apartment. This is also where the K foundation gave their first and last ever radio interview concerning their burning of a million pounds. Moving into the late 90s, the station still had no permanent home and makeshift studios cropped up in student kitchens and bedrooms. It wasn’t until the millennium that the station moved into the studio we use today within the University of Glasgow. So far the station had operated strictly on FM and AM, but Subcity moved into cyberspace in 2003, broadcasting online and now accessible across the world. 

The station continued over the subsequent decades with a frequently packed schedule and regular events.  However, with the 2020 outbreak of COVID-19, the station’s capacity to interact with contributors and the city was limited. In this dark period known as the ‘quarantine era’, the station continued to run shows, but with a stripped back schedule and all recordings from home. During this time it was especially apparent that Subcity's strength comes from its community and the rapport the team builds with contributors. Triple-vaxxed, the station came back with a steep upwards trajectory post-COVID.

Subcity is a part of Glasgow history, covering T in the Park and hosting stages at the West End Festival, as well as throwing events in legendary spaces such as Sub Club, The Arches and the Renfrew Ferry. Above all, we value our status as a freeform community radio, allowing shows their complete creative discretion. Welcome to the archives; we are proud to present 28 years of radio history - including reviews, news, and interviews - but always diverse and exceptional music.

Our ever-growing backlog of live events can be found here.

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